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There may be even another species in the location or more than one nest. It can be treated by the use of a termiticide such as Pest Defence Termiticide & Insecticide if you're able to locate the colony or nest.  4. A proper insecticidal dust may also be implemented directly to the nest to treat it.5.

This bait comprises and IGR (Insect Growth Regulator). The worker termites return to the nest and feed on this bait. This technique interupts the normal growth cycle of the termite colony and over a period of time the colony will die off.6.

These stations are intended to intercept the termites before they enter the building or construction. After termites become active in the termite traps, they are sometimes baited with a lure system as described above.7. Another way of protecting a building from termites would be to put in a barrier. This is done by employing a termiticide and beneath a building or structure.



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Most termites are grass feeders or feed on decayed wood in the floor and are important converters of trees into organic matter and minerals. Some of those non pest termites occur in exactly the same areas as the insect species and it's thus important before applying a treatment. .



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Termites develop. A nymph, on hatching from the egg, passes before getting winged reproductive, soldier or a mature worker. There's no pupal or resting point, and the nymphs resemble the adults or mature castes.

The queen lays her eggs and all these are tended by the workers. After the nest of a colony remains open the eggs are found massed. The young can develop into soldiers, workers or reporductives. In the instance of reproductives, wing buds appear at the third moult, and the moult fully wings the reproductives. .

The soldiers and workers of a colony live for one or two years, while the queen and king have longer lives. Some records indicate that the original queen may endure for years.



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FromHatching into soldier or the older worker usually takes approximately two to three weeks however, this depends on climatic and food conditions. Eggs hatching in winter take to reach the particular adult caste than eggs hatching in summer.



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The creation of the reproductives is an yearly event from colony that is mature, however, this also depends on the vigour and size of the colony.

Species can be found in Queensland where it constructs mounds along with the larger Source mound builders in Australia may be controlled by destroying the mound and exposing its inner structure to insects and animals. Since there is always a threat of survivors re-establishing he mound.

The nursery area is located by probing into the mound with a metal rod. The nursery room is situated as the nursery area is composed of soft and rather papery material, when immunity to the probe is dropped. It'll be heat from being within the nursery place When the probe is withdrawn.

Seven to ten days must be allowed before removing the colony containing the poisonous dust, Though the colony is killed in a couple of days. These dusts remain poisonous for some years and needs to be removed. .

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When the nursery area has been found by probing, the probe holes are utilized to operate in insecticide by way of spray lance or via a tube that can be gradually removed. As the whole nursery area should be wetted, the quantity of material is important. Some nursery places extend into the soil.

Several species of termites nest from root crowns and the trunks of trees becoming apparent in trees that are old. Species would be the most destructive in Australia. These treatments may be performed:At the root crown

When a tree is suspected of housing a colony in its own root crown, the dirt between the root buttresses may be entered using a metal probe and steered towards the centre of the tree and in a downward direction. After the probe breaks into the nursery when in it is taken out the close of the probe and the resistance is diminished is normally heat from being in the nursery area.

The holes made by the robe can be used to introduce insecticide. .

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